Guided one-day tour through Viscauti village on Dniester and through the forest to the legendary cave „Borta Boierului”.

Give yourself the opportunity to delve deeper into nature. The forest combined with psychological relaxation techniques can guarantee mental and spiritual health improvement.

The price includes:

  • round trip from Chisinau
  • trip to the Dubasari water-power plant
  • boat ride on the Dniester
  • hours of meditation in nature with the psychologist Angela Nicolaou
  • trip to the „Borta Boierului” cave with the necessary equipment included
  • lunch and traditional drinks

 Ecological therapy is a progressive therapeutic method of exposing the client to the elements of nature (earth, water, air) through outdoor activities with the involvement of psychotherapeutic components.

  1. Visualization of the retrospective - visualization in the smallest details of a past experience.
  2. Inner peace - disconnection from technology and the virtual world.
  3. Speleology of the psyche - the study of own subconscious as a labirint.
  4. Communion with nature and physical endurance - hiking in nature.
  5. Top view - distance from oneself, from a concrete situation.
  6. Visualization of perspective - visualization in the smallest details of a future experience.


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