Terms and Conditions

These conditions for usage of the internet-store www.semilunadebronz.org apply to purchase orders of goods and services that are being offered by „NGO Proiectul Casa Mare” through the website.

Before accessing the site, it is recommended that customers familiarize themselves thoroughly with Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to make changes in this document without prior notice.

1. General Information

This site belongs to „NGO Proiectul Casa Mare”. When placing an order at the internet-store, Buyer accepts Terms of sale of goods and services that are based on the legislations of the Republic of Moldova (further – Terms and Conditions), offered below.

Accessing the website www.semilunadebronz.org assumes the acceptance of Terms and Conditions that are offered by „NGO Proiectul Casa Mare” in accordance with the Law № 284/2004 pertaining to electronic commerce. The relations between the seller and buyer are determined by the Law № 105/2003, pertaining to defense of the customers’ rights and other normative legislations.

The seller reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions and the buyer is responsible for being aware of the changes.

2. Protection of personal information

When accessing the site www.semilunadebronz.org, you are automatically agreeing to collection and processing of personal data that is necessary for processing the order. Personal data is utilized exclusively toward lawful purposes, such as delivery of ordered goods and services, advertisement, Google analysis, cookie files, notifications, and mailings.

All data that contains personal information are stored and used only during the period that is necessary for attaining the goals toward which the data was collected and in accordance with the terms established by the Law №. 133/2011 pertaining to protection of personal data.

We utilize commercial safety measures to prevent unsanctioned access, support veracity of the data and en-sure appropriate usage of information on this site. The transmission of data through the internet or wireless networks cannot be protected absolutely. Therefore, as in other commercial enterprises, we cannot unconditionally guarantee safety of transmitted information, which is provided by the buyer. Consequently, buyer enters his personal information at his own risk.

3. Placing the order and payment

Paying for the order can be done by payment card. Upon receiving the order, you will receive the receipt which confirms the payment.

Online payments take place under the conditions of maximum safety, using the payment card as the payment instrument which allows to complete online transactions. Upon the payment you will receive confirmation of the payment sent to your electronic address.

The payment transaction utilizes the safety system which is based on latest safety standards, “3D-Secure”, which entails the new global approach to authenticating the customer in safe online transactions. This safety measure includes rerouting of the customer to the safe page of MAIB Bank, where authentication of each card holder is performed through assigning a one-time code for each online transaction.

The return of payment can be done only on the same card which was used for the purchase.

For the payment you will need to enter your payment card data. The transmission of this information is accomplished in accordance to all necessary safety measures. The information is transmitted in code and stored only at specialized server of the payment system.

The data below is necessary for making the payment:

*Card number (16 digits)
*Expiration date (month and year)
*CVC or CVV code (3 digits)
*First and last name as on the payment card.

All payments are processed in the national currency – MDL (Moldavian Lei). Whenever the currency of the transaction differs from the currency of the payment, conversion of the payment amount is done according to the official rate of card transactions on the day of the payment.

4. Delivery of goods and services

Upon placing the order, the buyer is provided with information about the prospective date of delivery by the courier service.

Delivery in the Chisinau region is done during 24-96 hours from the moment when the order is confirmed by our operators. Delivery is accomplished from 10 AM until 6 PM, and it is free for orders of 250 MDL and above. The orders for smaller amounts will cost 40 MDL to deliver (shipping costs are included in the total amount of the transaction).

Delivery in the Republic of Moldova is done during 24-96 hours from the moment the order is confirmed by our operators. Delivery takes place between 10AM and 6 PM, and it is free for the order for 300 MDL and more. The orders for a smaller amount will cost 100 MDL to ship (with shipping charges being included in the total amount of the transaction).

There are no deliveries on Sundays and national holidays.

The time of delivery could be extended in some situations (e.g., inclement weather, state holidays, unforeseen technical problems). We will inform you whenever one of the aforementioned situations occurs.

You may choose any address for delivery – house, office, or any other place for delivery without any additional charges. We accepts only one delivery address for each order. Should you require delivery to several address, please register separate orders for each address.

Upon receiving the product, please determine whether packaging is intact and receipt is included in presence of the courier. Following the delivery, no complaints regarding damaged packaging and absence of receipt will be considered.

5. The right to return of the product

According to the Law №. № 105-XV from 3/13/13 and pertaining to defense of consumer rights, Buyer has the right to return the purchased product due to certain reasons during the first 14 days from the date of payment. The amount paid will be returned to the payment card that was used to make the purchase.

Ceramic objects, fabrics products, and souvenirs are subject to exchange or return, according to the Addendum #2 to Government Statement #1465 from12/08/08 (МО248-253/19.12.2003) in iteration of the Government Statement #1188 from 2/11/07 (МО175/ 11.09.2007).

Company contact in case of return: +373 61 020 619
Duration of processing the request to return: 7 days.
Conditions of return: Proof of purchase, return of the product in the same condition as it was delivered by the courier.

6. Confidentiality policy

In accordance with the terms of the Law № 133/2011 pertaining to protection of personal data, the seller processes personal information. Personal data is processed in good faith on the basis of and in accordance to

the corresponding legislations. Processing personal data is accomplished through mixed methods (automatic and manual) in comportment with regulations of the legislations and under the conditions that ensure safety, confidentiality, and protection of personal data.

Seller collects and processes only the personal data that is provided by buyers when the order is placed: first name, last name, telephone number, physical address, and email address.

Personal data is used only for administering the site, providing access to information, particularly for shipments of orders or for communications with buyers in order to deliver products. Seller processes buyer’ personal data that is being offered when browsing, using and registering the website www.semilunadebronz.org.

Any information that is provided by users of the website www.semilunadebronz.org, will be processed and will represent buyer’s direct agreement to using the aforementioned personal data by the seller.

Seller shall not disclose buyer’s personal data to any third party without agreement by the buyer, nor shall the seller trade, exchange, or disclose these data to other parties, except of the cases that are allowed by existing legislations (upon requests from governmental agencies, litigators, courts, etc.)

Personal data may be processed and used by the seller for statistical purposes and product development.

Buyer offers services under the conditions that ensure safety of personal data and protection of personal data from loss, destruction, distortion, falsification, and disclosure to the third parties.

Seller shall ensure confidentiality of buyers’ personal data. Processing of personal data will be done only by those operators who are officially employed by the seller.

Seller utilizes safety methods and technologies in accordance with existing legislations.

Seller does not collect the information that is associated with transactions, e.g., card number, expiration date, country of origin.

For more information, please contact us at projectcasamare@gmail.com or by phone: +373 61 020 619

7. Company information

Company name: NGO „Proiectul Casa Mare”
INN: 1014620003845
Address: Balanescu Str. 29/1 Telephone: +373 61 020 619
Email address: projectcasamare@gmail.com

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